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The DDF or DIRECT DEMOCRACY FORUM  is a South African political party registered with the IEC (reference 936).     The DDF has four main agendas that will ensure FAIR TAX,  FAIR GOVERNMENT, SOCIAL JUSTICE  & COMMERCIAL PARTICIPATION in the economy for all South African Citizens. (See FAQs, GOALS)  

They are:

  1. Create an UPPER HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT or SENATE, populated directly from the population, bypassing Party Political processes & structures.
  2. Adopt TEAL (Total Economic Activity Levy) as the only source of state revenue, replacing all other taxes and levies.
  3. Initiate a Basic Income Grant (BIG) and Advancement Grant (AGfor ALL ADULT SOUTH AFRICAN CITIZENS
  4. Create a Sovereign Wealth Fund to invest in SA and the world at large and in which every adult South African Citizen has an equal share (SWF)

These four agendas will 1) restore politics to the people, 2) tax all participants in SA’s economy fairly and equitably,  3) invest in the demand side of the economy by engaging all adult South African citizens in the demand side economy (and deliver a knockout blow to poverty) and 4) ensure that every adult South African has a stake in the economy (and deliver another knockout blow to poverty).

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