NPA under Chapter 9?

Absolutely.  The NPA should be totally independent of political influence and any sense that the government or any of its institutions or members are above the law.  In case you think that government is not above the law, take the case of Eskom’s flouting of environmental laws.  The NPA are unable to prosecute Eskom because Eskom is “an organ of state, as defined in our National Environment Management Act (Nema)”.  Then there was the withdrawal by the NPA of charges of corruption against Jacob Zuma, an act that still needs to be explained to much of South Africa’s satisfaction.  Not to mention cans of worms that are likely to thrive under the protection of the Proposed Secrecy Bill.  

That the NPA should have the greatest degree of autonomy possible is a no-brainer.

A really good way of achieving this is for the NPA to be a Chapter 9 body as mooted here.  The Direct Democracy Forum have included this as part of DDF policies on the Judiciary.

The buck stops at the ballot box

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