Job creation

In an article labeled collaboration is needed to create jobs David Fine, a director at McKinsey South Africa is reported to have highlighted the need for skills development and the removal of regulations that obstruct growth and development in South Africa, and the need for infrastructural development.

A reading of the Direct Democracy Forum‘s policies will illustrate how that can be achieved with an emphasis on education and skills development at all levels and the joining of skills with economic and social needs through its job creation policies and with the adoption of TEAL as its tax strategy create the means to finance these and other much needed programs.

The DDF don’t claim to have a bullet proof plan for the successful development of the South African economy and the resolution of all of it’s social needs and challenges, we are not that arrogant, but we do have plans to create an environment which will allow the work force to develop its skills and be employed in the economy, so as to turn the country around and return it to it’s rightful place as the powerhouse of Africa, and to share the wealth that will generate with the entire nation rather than with just a privileged few.  

So we depend on the willing cooperation of the entire population and that can only be achieved in a society based on merit and integrity, where every South African has a place in the sun and a purpose to his life that goes beyond mere survival.  That is what the DDF intend delivering.

The buck stops at the ballot box

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