The present leaders of the Direct Democracy Forum are a founding member of the party, John Barrington, along with Pat Medingoane. Pat joined the NEC in January 2015More recent appointments (as of 3rd March 2022) to the NEC are Alton Giles, Redge Nkosi, Rachel Malebana, Gen Sankara Shezi (Rtd), Ambassador Henry McCarter.  Rachel was appointed Chairperson and Leader of the DDF on 17th March 2022 and John Barrington stepped back from the position of Leader to take up the position of President of the DDF as at 17th March 2022.


The past members of the National Executive Council consisted of the founders, John Barrington and independent candidates in the 2011 municipal elections in various wards in greater Johannesburg who have since all resigned.

John has a history of political activism promoting individual rights over group rights.  John was a Federal Party candidate in the 1994 elections and has been looking for a political home for his proposed parliamentary ‘upper house‘ ever since. He can be contacted at +27 76 060 1973 (read more)


John and his fellow founders found a common purpose in the formation of the Direct Democracy Forum promoting the ideals of tax equity and reform through TEAL and democratic representation for the ordinary citizen through participating in an Upper House of Parliament. Extensive policy developments have included those for a Universal Basic Income Grant (UBI), Money and Banking reform and a Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) .