Slipery Slope for Property Rights

So the ANC plan on doing away with the ‘willing buyer willing seller’ principles for land restitution.  That is a laugh.  The ANC have done their best in the past 18 years to make sure that the policy fails and now complain and say they will institute land expropriation because ‘they are impatient’ and who will set the value for the expropriation?  Where the land has been obtained illegally and nefariously (who determines that?) presumably little or no value in exchange will be set, determined by the ANC under the label of just and equitable compensation.  And who will receive the benefits of these expropriations?

I’m sorry? I didn’t quit hear your reply.

 A slippery slope for property rights no doubt.  This is a proposal for thinly disguised land-grabs, and where does that end? See the Mail and Guardian report.  View, by way of contrast the DDF policy on land reformation

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