Who is to blame?

In our previous post we asserted that a Judicial Inquiry was necessary to get to the bottom of the mine violence and that “The mines are not doing their jobs properly and the unions are not doing their jobs properly or this tragedy would never have come about.”

Well – a recent BBC article on the event, authored by William Gumede, a South African academic and author, blames all the players, “the government, trade unions, business and the police”.  This pretty much sums up the Direct Democracy Forum’s view.  We would just add to that that the miners themselves must also bear their share of the blame. Everyone had a part to play and they all failed miserably and tragically.

Will the commission of inquiry be able to do its job successfully in the 4 month limit imposed on it by President Zuma or will it deliver a populist hatchet job on Lonmin?  In his comments on the terms of the commission, President Zuma seemed to place a great deal of emphasis on Lonmin’s role.  While we believe Lonmin are not squeaky-clean,  they are certainly not the only bad guys in this debacle.  So we hope for some sanity from the commission. 

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