Positive News in SA

We have another political party launch which happened in Johannesburg 01/09/2012.

Why is this positive? Why are we not bewailing the creation of yet another party to split the opposition vote? Two good questions with two good answers.

1) We at the Direct Democracy Forum, don’t plan on being an opposition party

2) Democracy is all about choices. The more choices we have the better off we are. It is no good being able to choose between two bad choices in the name of a dual party system, as appears to be the case in many countries. Better we have many choices where surely, if we have enough choices, at least one of them will be good and be recognised as such.

More strength to the Ubuntu Party, may they thrive and prosper, just not as much as we do.  Check them out at http://www.ubuntuparty.org.za/, see if they stack up.  :=}

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