Tutu, Blaire and Bush.

OK – this is all about personal opinions.

The good Bish – one of our heroes, has called for – well – you all know it – he wants Bush and Blaire to face the ICC for war crimes. 

 This morning I went to our Heroes page with the intention of doing one of two things;  removing the entry about Bishop Tutu or scrubbing the page in total.  I ended up doing neither. The point is is that even our heroes are human and can get it wrong, as I believe Bishop Tutu has done.  But he does it from a place of humane caring about human suffering that we cannot fault.  

I believe we understand where Bishop Tutu is coming from but the evidence suggests that the Bush-Blaire combination believed that Saddam was evil and had the potential and was creating the means to perpetuate that evil, so they did something about it.  And Saddam had a track record that didn’t help his cause.  Being a leader is difficult.  Being a world leader is a bit more than difficult because the potentials are that more awesome. But at the end of the day you do the best you can with what you are given and the only perfect vision is hindsight.  A commentator, one Dominic Minghella, sums up our understanding of the whys and wherefores of that conflict quite well in this article.

So, we think the good bishop is wrong in this instance.  But for all the other times he is right, he is still one of our heroes. 

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