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Marikana is not going to go away.  There is a saying, the ‘truth will out’, and more and more people are asking probing questions, not just about the events of that bloody day, when thirty odd miners met their deaths at the hands of the SAPS, but at the circumstances which led to those deaths, and some of what we are seeing and hearing vindicates the widely held suspicion that what South Africa exchanged for one set of oligarchs was another set of oligarchs, even more despicable because in doing this South Africa’s liberators betrayed the very people who raised them to power.  

Frankly, the nature of the betrayal outlined here, while not that surprising, is pretty disgusting.  Oops – if you tried the link – like magic it has been taken down.  Now I wonder why?  But then the internet is a marvelous place.  The more you try to hide something the more it becomes evident.  Here is another link.  If that doesn’t work, try this Marikana

We cannot comment on the accuracy of that report but something we can promise is that one day the truth will out, not just about Marikana and the circumstances leading up to it, but also about other instances of exploitative practices, and there will be a reckoning.

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