Lonmin Pay increase?

Hooray the strike is over with the workers gaining a 22% pay increase.  Now we can all stop worrying about the effect on the economy and the possibility of ongoing violence and get back to our wors and chops.  

I wonder what exactly the 22% means.  If as claimed here, they were already being paid R12000 but only receiving R5400 or less with the balance going to the labour brokers (ie the workers get 45% (or less) of their wage, brokers get 55% (or more)), what exactly does the 22% increase mean, that the same relationship is retained?  So, instead of receiving R5400 the workers receive about R6600 and the broker instead of R6600 now receives about R8 050.  The labour brokers must be laughing all the way to the bank.  If so it  can hardly be morally right.

Or maybe the labour brokers are now only getting R5400 of the wage and the worker R6600 of his wage.  Now, that would be an improvement, but I wouldn’t put any money on it happening.

I’ve always thought that labour brokers were the good guys, bringing supply and demand together, providing jobs and all that good stuff.  But then I was being naive and thinking that such a service was probably worth, say, 2.5% of a worker’s salary.   Maybe this sort of trade should be better regulated so that brokers cannot corner the market and proceed to bleed it to death.  And sadly, as we have seen, that literally meant death.  In fact, about 44 deaths.  A fact we shouldn’t lose sight of.

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