Constitutional Court and E-Tolls

The constitutional court has ruled, effectively, that plans to use electronic tolling (e-tolls) to fund the national freeway system are constitutional.  Of course they are perfectly correct, unless while we were not looking someone sneaked a provision into the constitution that government could not act in a manner contrary to popular opinion.

What this means, however, is that as government proceeds against popular opinion, they put their support at grave risk in the upcoming elections.  We are no fans of tolling as a means of paying for roads that citizens are obliged to use (that is; there are no free market mechanisms in place, no alternative choices), but none the less, as a party that will scrap all tolling we are pleased that the present incumbents of government are busy shooting themselves in the foot.  It is just a pity it has to be at the expense of the general public, particularly the private vehicle operator.

Again, as is the case with most of the present tax  processes, the wrong people are being taxed too much and the right people too little.  viz – while the man in the street may not use the freeway system much, if at all, he benefits from its existence and its use by those who do use it – so – in our opinion, funding of the roads systems should be a responsibility of the fiscus, not a narrow band of users.

This the Direct Democracy Forum will enable through the application of TEAL.  Bye bye e-tolls.

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