Violence accompanies economic woes

There seems to be a resurgence of public violence connected to burglaries and thefts and hijackings gone wrong.  Some of these occurrences in South African even make international news because of the profile of the victims.  Latest to hit the world news is ex SA and World Heavyweight boxing champion, Corrie Saunders, killed in a restaurant hijacking incident in Pretoria, while attending his nephew’s 21st birthday celebration.  We extend our condolences to his family.  But, as with Marikana, condolences are too little and too late.

We are not focusing on high profile victims to make a point that is not otherwise evident to  the many ordinary citizens who become victims while going about their daily business. Their trials and tribulations, while not often reported in the press, are just as significant as those of their high profile fellows, and together they cast doubts on the authority’s optimism about reported successes in reducing criminality

The Direct Democracy Forum will do all in their power to bring violence and criminality under control by changing the economic profile of the country though the coordinated application of its policies, including but not limited to making criminality infinitely less profitable than seeking lawful employment, and making the latter possibility a reality for the majority and the willing.

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