Poverty and violence

Just a few days back I was commenting on the general sense of unease I had with the authorities’ assertions about their ‘victory’ over crime.  You hear this every year.  It’s as if the power of positive thought is going to solve our problems.

What pops up since then but a story about more violence, this time gang violence in the townships of the ‘mother city’ – yup – Cape Town herself.  The supreme irony has to be that Cape Town is also the destination of choice for the uber-rich.

I’m not about to pontificate about the evils of wealth.  I still have a few years left in my life and I will do all in my power to become one of the wealthy, but not at the expense of the  poor.  I would hope that if I ever become that rich I can drag a few of the less fortunate along with me, non of which is going to resolve the plight of those caught in spirals of violence.  

In that same comment I implied there was a need for economic reform that could only come from an orchestrated and holistic attack on poverty.  Those were not the exact words I used, I am sure, but that was the intent; acknowledgement that the economy, poverty and violence are intertwined and there is need for a concerted and coordinated attack on poverty through the redefining of our economy.  In this post I will go further and assert that the Direct Democracy Forum is the only organisation in the country with the holistic vision needed to make that happen, to turn gang members from having pride in violence and the gang, to having pride in skills earned and applied and the ability to be a productive member of a society that works for everyone, not just for the rich. 

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