Diminishing Water Quality

In the Direct Democracy Forum’s policy for environmental affairs the DDF undertakes to address the very critical water needs of the country, head on.  This means, massive investment in a critically failing water infrastructure and small scale (community and household) water purification systems.

In this report on  the water research commission’s one day conference directed at the problems faced by remote communities who do not have access to adequate potable water, resulting in increased mortality, particularly amongst the new born, it is perhaps  ironic that  water affairs officials are reported to have said that ‘it was up to the academics to advise government’ on possible solutions, when to the best of our knowledge and belief, academics have been issuing resounding warnings of an existent and even more serious impending water supply and quality crises, warnings which government have not only been ignoring but often have shot the academic messengers (metaphorically speaking).

The DDF, again, has policies rooted in national need and will not sit back, waiting for academics to make suggestion, but commission and fund the academic and engineering communities to propose and implement solutions so desperately needed for the survival of all communities in South Africa. 

The buck stops at the ballot box. 

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