The Cheek of the White Man

Sometimes (oftentimes) there is so much controversy being reported that it is difficult to know where to begin.  Today is one of those days, but guess what, the ANC have made what would be a difficult choice an easy choice.  There is an expression, probably racist, ‘The Cheek of The White Man’, meaning cheek and liberties beyond all reason, probably taken by white men against some or other indigenous community somewhere in the world, wherever the white man settled  – well, today the ANC government have drawn on their full stocks of white man’s cheek.

The country is, I don’t really know what the country is, disgusted, appalled, sickened, all of the above, by the revelations about the cost of upgrading JZ’s Nkandla residence.  So, what do the ANC do?  They declare the residence a national key point and consequently subject to blanket secrecy. 

You see, they don’t really need the  Secrecy Bill, they just need to declare South Africa a national key point.  Problem solved.

The buck stops at the ballot box.

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