Free-Fall Economy – Going DOWN?

Rand in free fall is pretty much a succinct evaluation of the effects of trade union and labour activities of the past month or so.  We as much as predicted it in our post of a month back, to the dayand here we are.  The economists are saying (or some at least are saying) there is no danger of recession but, you know what, if capital flees the country and costs go through  the roof and unemployment (gosh, is no one talking about our already truly scary unemployment) gets worse than just truly scary and ex presidents speak of the dangers of civil strife, what do the economists (or some of them) know that we don’t know?

So I’ll ask the question again, if the avowed intention of the unions and labour is to bring the economy to its knees is not tantamount to instigating change through insurrection, through extra parliamentary means, what is it if not treason, and what is the government doing about it? Worrying about party leadership instead of about national leadership!

 Once more they don’t have their priorities right.

The buck stops at the ballot box.

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