Nkandla Costs – Going UP?

Let us see – upgrades to JZ’s Nkandla residence, last I heard was R238M and rising, but now we can’t talk about that.  Add to that the R582M reportedly spent on roads in the area (and I’m not about to say we shouldn’t be upgrading our roads but I wonder if they will E-toll JZ?) and that represents expenditure of R820M, that is, approaching the R1 Billion mark.  

As I reflected in an earlier post on plans to provide JZ with R2 Billion of aircraft for his own use, how many potholes will that amount of money fill? How many schools and hospitals will it build? And now, how many school books would it deliver?

These people are out of control and someone has to stop them.  But the worm is turning, with the Public Protector Thuli Madonsela reportedly getting involved and in turn involving  the Auditor General.  But they can only investigate the legality of what is happening and who knows but it may all be perfectly legal.  But what of the morality of it?

Personally, I wouldn’t vote for the ANC under any circumstances, so this behaviour will not effect me in any way except to further engorge my sense of outrage and disgust, but I hope that it will make others in this beautiful country understand the essential and desperate need for change, at the highest levels in our land. 

The buck stops at the ballot box. 

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