Semi-cleaned Acid Mine Drainage fed into the Vaal

The act of desperation water affairs is resorting to to save the PWV’s water supply from pollution, is polluting in itself and is simply inadequate.

It may stave off an immediately threatening situation for Johannesburg’s water supply but is far from being even a short-term solution (we should be converting acid mine drainage into water that is at least fit for industrial consumption before releasing it into any fresh water supply system , if not actually converting it into potable water first) and certainly does not provide even medium term solutions to the water pollution problems facing the country.

Successive governments have clearly not been listening to the experts or have been unwilling to do the necessary to clean up their act and our water.  By contrast, Direct Democracy Forum environmental policies will be drawing on the wealth of engineering and environmental expertise available to the country, from within the country, to implement short, medium and long term solutions to what will otherwise become a problem of monumental proportions, if it is not already that serious.  

The buck stops at the ballot box. 

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