Is Society As Guilty As Jub Jub?

The conviction of Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye and Themba Tshabalala of the murder of four children and attempted murder of  two other children, arising from an accident they were all involved in, where the guilty were driving vehicles, drag racing in a public place, while under the influence of drugs and crashed into a group of children, killing four and injuring two others, is causing some controversy.  Why murder?  Why not manslaughter?  Surely the conviction is too harsh and is likely to result in too harsh a term of imprisonment? Have you never driven drunk?  It could be you!  You could say you have heard it all but you will find it all here, again.

Those are not the issues that the Direct Democracy Forum find of interest.  The guilty were guilty at the very least of reckless endangerment, merely from driving a vehicle under those circumstances.  Put bluntly, they were acting in a thoughtless and reckless manner that resulted in the deaths of four innocents, and deserve harsh penalties, if only to say to others of a similar inclination – stop, pause, sober up, and don’t go drag racing in a public place.  The alternative involves the risk of extended terms of imprisonment.  

But that is just a prima faci response.  The real questions that need to be asked are: Why did this happen?  How did it happen?  And what can be done to prevent it happening again?

  • The Direct Democracy Forum believe that the whole incident and the multiple tragedies were symptomatic of a failed society.  That is why it happened.  
  • It happened because society empowers characters like Jub Jub to engage in dangerous and reckless behaviour.  That is how it happened.  
  • What can be done to prevent it happening again?  Probably nothing that will prevent similar behaviour in the short term, other than very harsh sentences for the two drivers, but in the medium and long term, society’s attitude needs to change, not through social engineering, but through education and empowerment policies that are actioned at the highest levels in order to enable all, through to the lowest levels of society.

To deal with this through the medium of a current affairs blog is almost impossible, unless you have a set of policies, such as those of the DDF, to refer to.  The DDF are claiming that society failed all those involved in the tragedy.  How is that so and what can be done to fix it?

Let us start at the top.  We have a bloated and corrupt government, right from the very top with Nkandla probably demonstrating the wastefulness at that level, all the way down to our towns and cities where we have the E-Toll debacle that is probably illustrative of the same greed and wastefulness at the lower levels.  We could spend years citing examples.  These will have to do for now.  All this costs money, that is either taken out of this generation’s pockets, or borrowed and taken out of our children’s pockets, at payback time (and there is always a payback and a payback time).  

Whichever way you look at it the taxpayers end up footing the bill, so much so, that in order to fund both themselves and their families and their aspirations, and the State and their bloated excesses, that all adult members of a family are forced to work to pay for those aspirations and  excesses.  

  • So, who is it who walks home with the children after school, to ensure they are safe from the likes of Jub Jub or some other predator?  Why, no one walks home with the children.  
  • So who is it who dandles the young Jub Jubs and potential predators of the world, on their knees, and teaches them right from wrong?  Why, no one dandles the young impressionable citizens of our beautiful country, on their knees, and teaches them right from wrong. 
  • Why is that?  

Because all the adults are at work (if they are part of the fortunate 50% of SA’s adult population that can find work) to fund their needs and the state’s excesses, or maybe they are part of the other 50%, the unemployed, out there, being disillusioned and despairing of ever being a useful member of society or worse still, up to no good, being predatory or reckless!  

 Fortunately, DDF policies will set this matter right, not overnight and not on their own but with the help of society as a whole, and over time.  

To answer the question, though.  Yes, society is guilty, as guilty as hell, and Jub Jub, his partner in crime and all those dead and injured kids, are all victims of our contempt and disregard for what is right and good and Jub Jub must pay the price, a modern day fall guy, for all our guilt.   The children, dead and injured are already paying or have paid their price for our guilt.  Don’t misunderstand.  Jub Jub also failed and is guilty and must pay the price.  No one forced these two to do what they did.  But society must be aware of its responsibility, in this and other incidents with equally tragic outcomes.

But why do I say we are all guilty?  That’s easy.  Society is what we make it.  We are not prepared to make the sacrifices needed to make it work.  We vote shysters into office and, as if they were part of a football club, demanding undying loyalty from fans at the ticket office, through bad times and worse times, we vote them back into power to do the same again and again, election after election.  There is a condition describing people who continually do the same thing and continually expect a different outcome.  The condition is called insanity.  That is why we say and will continue to say until the point sinks into the minds of every thoughtful South African citizen and until the 2014 elections are with us and beyond that even:


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