Guilty again!

This time the victims are our school children.  What Prof Jonathan Jansen said about communities locking their own children out of schools in service delivery protests only half registered on my consciousness.  Well – here it is again.

Differently and refreshingly so, the education department is the hero, setting up learning centres away from effected schools and communities.  A welcome irony is that far from suffering from the effects of separation from schools and communities, the children seem to have benefited from the additional attention and are performing better this year than last year, by almost 50%.  Have a look.  That must provide food for thought.

Here are some points to ponder.

  • It seems this illustrates communities failing their own members, much as the tragedy of Jub Jub’s fateful drag race  illustrates a failed society failing both Jub Jub and his victims.
  • I’m not saying that protest is wrong.  Rather the nature of the protest is wrong. Why penalise the innocent because you have been wronged or think you have been wronged?  That is just plain spiteful – I can’t have what I want so you can’t have what you want.  There is something terribly wrong and nasty about the mind-sets of people who think and behave in that manner.  Somehow this needs to change.
  • Communities should but obviously don’t provide satisfactory environments for learning.  Why else should performance improve like that when students are isolated from their communities?  
  • The final point is that given the chance, the kids perform, and perform well.  This has to be an indictment of the system they are locked into, not an indictment of the kids, and is something that the Direct Democracy Forum’s education policies plan to fix.

We are not sociologists and we don’t claim to have all the answers but I am willing to bet that if communities felt their grievances were being taken seriously by the authorities, the mind-set and the behaviour would be different.  Perhaps not perfectly so, but different none the less.  The way to do that is to respond seriously and effectively to address those grievances.  This the DDF undertake to do through the application of DDF policies

The buck stops at the ballot box.

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