Willing Who?

President Zuma’s assertions that the willing buyer willing seller policy for land reform isn’t working has everything to do with an unwilling buyer bit, that is, a buyer unwilling to comply with the guarantees enshrined in the constitution, protecting land owners from exploitation.  Now Zuma has come up with a masterful plan – get land owners to sell their property at half the market value, or, as he puts it ‘The state buying the land at 50% of its market value, or at a “fair productive value”‘.  We wonder what that value would be and how it would be determined.

A Direct Democracy Forum administration would essentially do what the rest of Zuma’s plan outlines, in as far as it goes, but would not engage in legalised theft to obtain its objectives.  DDF land reform policies would ensure that all parties to the exchanges are winners and the land would remain productive and profitable and most of the commercial farmers would have the option of remaining on the land they currently farm.  The DDF administration would also be a winner in these deals because what is essentially a bone of contention would be happily resolved to all the parties’ satisfaction.

The buck stops at the ballot box.

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