Financial pragmatism

South African finance ministers, from Nicolaas Havenga to Pravin Gordhan, have been arch pragmatists, who have enabled their governments’ policies, often in spite of irrational policy choices and actions and activities of their cabinet colleagues.  Mr Gordhan joins a long established tradition of being a voice of reason in a clamour of irrationality, but none the less, soldiers on for the sake of party solidarity and ideology.  See here and here.

Imagine Messers Gordhan and Manuel with the tools and policies of the Direct Democracy Forum at their disposal.  Imagine them able to demolish the deficit, to empower communities, to enable efficiencies at local and national government levels alike.  Imagine them able to bring about fiscal stability and social justice.  Just imagine a DDF administration joined by men and women of that calibre.  It could happen.

The buck stops at the ballot box. 

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