Zuma Likens SA to the Titanic

President Zuma was referring to the ability of SA to change direction when he said SA was like the Titanic – let us hope he is not too close to the mark.

The remark was reported in a BBC article ‘Zuma’s missed opportunitywhere the author, Andrew Harding, likened SA to the frog in the pot of water, about to be cooked and unaware of its fate.  As he put it:

“South Africa seems to have learned to live with its problems – an unwieldy political alliance between the ANC, trade unions and the Communist Party, massive corruption, a collapsing education system, inequality, a shrinking tax base and expanding welfare system and some of the most protective labour laws in the world.

And so, instead of being confronted with a sudden crisis that prompts real change, South Africa appears to be drifting – sustained by an expanding middle class and buoyant local economy – while the water in the pot keeps getting steadily hotter.”

Today’s local news focuses on the crises in education with poorly managed and accessed funding and an expected shortfall of some 21000 teachers in 2013, across some 60% of the country’s schools, on the one hand, and the ANC belittling the DA’s  proposals to investigate the Nkandlagate scandal.  A tragic contrast of misapplied financial priorities if ever there was one.  See DDF education policies.

As with its education policies, a Direct Democracy Forum administration will be taking nothing for granted when it considers the welfare of South Africans.  Not only will the DDF collect adequate revenue to meet the country’s needs, including those of education and all the other disasters we seem to be heading toward, but DDF policies as a whole  will ensure adequate funds are delivered effectively to the work-places of the country, and not into the hands of an elite few.  

Not even by a slip of the tongue will the DDF liken SA to the Titanic.  

 The buck stops at the ballot box.

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