Gender Rights

These two articles ‘Corrective’ rape and our naked reality and transgender student beatenwhich appear on the same front page of the M & G on-line at the same time, paint an ugly picture of South Africa and suggest we should be saying something about gender rights and the Direct Democracy Forum’s attitude to them.  At the moment the DDF don’t have specific policies on gender rights, probably on the assumption that if we uphold the constitution, which we do, and it has gender rights enshrined in it, which it does and certainly will continue to do so under a DDF administration, that should say it all.  But I don’t think it does, not really.  So this post is probably a start of a policy development process.

When you see someone who is different from you, by what rule or law do you judge yourself to be superior to them? The DDF say to all who may be offended by or feel superior to those who are different, we do not believe you have any right to be so offended by anyone nor to feel so superior to anyone, based just on how different they are from you. Nor do you have any right to abuse or brutalise such folk in any manner at all, for being what they are.  The DDF believe you just don’t have that right.  If you cannot embrace them as fellow travelers, we also uphold the right to freedom of association, at least don’t harm them or hinder them.

DDF policies will uphold everyone’s right to a place of safety and respect in South Africa and will ensure that safety, security and law enforcement officials uphold the law and the constitution, without fail or prejudice, with respect to all people at all times and under all circumstances, irrespective of their race, religion or gender, or anything else that makes them different from one-another. 

The buck stops at the ballot box

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