Not our style

The DA confrontation with ANC supporters and the SAPS over the DA’s intended visit to inspect the Zuma homestead at Nkandla, subject and object of some R258 Million of mostly public expenditure, is not the style of the Direct Democracy Forum. See the Daily Maverick report on the incident.

It never the less illustrates that freedom of assembly and transparency and other rights and obligations embraced in SA’s democracy are very selectively applied.  But we knew that already and don’t need to visit Nkandla to find it out.

The DDF will never slam an opposition party for doing what it thinks is right and certainly the DA’s persistence over Nkandlagate is admirable in its own way.  It is just not our style. The DDF are just as persistent and remorseless as the DA will ever be, perhaps even more so, but we plan on expressing it differently.  Our goal is to nail the ANC at the ballot box.  We want the biggest DDF rally to be at the nation’s ballot boxes on election day, 2014.  That is the only demonstration we want in support of our policies and in absolute rejection of ANC policies.  That is the only demonstration necessary.  That is why we say:

The buck stops at the ballot box

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