Next for screwing-up – Tertiary Education

Not content with their stunning failures in primary and secondary eduction, the ANC are pushing through a Higher Education Amendment Bill which will largely remove any autonomy South African universities thought they had and place them at the whim and behest of the Higher Education and Training Minister.  All this without even the usual facade of a consultative process with university academics and administrators. See Universities round on Nzimande

This is another piece of legislation the Direct Democracy Forum will have to rescind when it assumes power.  The DDF will apply its own policies, which largely speaking will set minimum standards but otherwise leave education to the professionals, enable their efforts, and, if necessary, constitutionally bar political interference in the process.

 If South Africa has any hope of digging itself out of the mess created in the past 18 years, it will be through setting the education system to rights, and this the DDF are determined to do through the application of DDF policies.

The buck stops at the ballot box


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