Rememberance Day 2012

Yesterday, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, a minute of silence was observed around the world in Commonwealth countries and of course around South Africa.  Services were held in memory of the war dead of ‘the Great War’ (aka ‘the First World War’ or, more optimistically ‘the war to end all wars’).  Of course it wasn’t the war to end all wars.  It was rapidly followed by the second world war and numerous more localised conflicts all around the globe, not to forget the conflict in South Africa itself, all in the name of freedom, and, collectively, with what must be stunning death tolls and wounded and maimed amongst military and civilian populations alike.

Let’s remember the sacrifices of all those victims of conflict and  the reason they made them, and strengthen our resolve to take control of our political establishments, so they do not lead us into unnecessary conflicts nor destroy the freedoms for which those sacrifices were made.

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