Fewer Losers

The world will always have winners and losers, but the more successful a society is, the fewer losers it will have and, hopefully there are safety nets to lessen the impact of losses so as a norm, they needn’t all be catastrophic.   T O Molefe’s post “I benefit from the failure of the basic education system” and his related assertion that every white benefited from apartheid, while true in the short term is certainly not true in the long term and anyway, should not make Mr Molefe feel unworthy of what he achieves with his life and is not going to make every white feel unworthy of what they are able to achieve with their lives.

So, I would like to ask Mr. Molefe what he plans to do about the benefits he receives/ed from the failure of SA’s education system, or perhaps more to the point, what does he propose to do about all those who are disadvantaged by that system?  Wear a T-shirt? 

This is where the adult is separated from the child.  A true adult, a responsible adult, needs to get up every morning and be determined that that day, they are going to do something positive about diminishing that disadvantage, not though pulling down the haves to the level of the have-nots, but to uplift the have-nots to the levels of the haves..

That is what we at the Direct Democracy Forum do, every morning of our collective lives.  We get up angry at the un-level playing fields, angry at this land of unequal opportunities, which we recognise are the roots of everything that is evil in South Africa, and we are determined, every day, to do something positive about reducing those inequalities and those canted playing fields.  That is what DDF policies in general are about, and, more specifically, what DDF education policies are about.

So what, Mr Molefe, are you doing about it?  We at the DDF know what we are doing about it, every day of our lives. And one day, probably on election day 2014,  we may even wear T-Shirts saying:

The buck stops at the ballot box.

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