Terminological Inexactitude

There are many ways of telling a lie.  Perhaps the neatest is to answer a question truthfully but incompletely.  It is called lying by omission.  “Do you have a bond for your Jeppe  property development?”  Answer: “Yes”.  Not stated:  The bond is for R900K and the cost of the development is R384M and the taxpayer is covering the balance.  You see, you didn’t tell a lie, you answered truthfully, you just didn’t tell the whole truth.  So you can’t be called a lier, can you?   Does that perhaps sound familiar? 

Churchill got it right when he called out a member of the British Parliament (you cannot call a fellow member of the British Parliament a lier),  instead he accused the said member of ‘terminological inexactitude‘.

I love that. TI.  I guess that makes some people tiers – not to be confused with those round things with holes in the middle that you have on your cars and bikes.  They at least are useful.

The buck stops at the ballot box

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