Civil Society playing foul????

In an article “Yes, NGOs seek publicity and recourse to law“,  eminent legal academic and activist, Bonita Meyersfeld, pleads “guilty as charged” for doing their jobs.

Where government is decrying the activities of the media and civil society, a Direct Democracy Forum administration would welcome the media and civil society’s revelations about what is going wrong with our country.  The DDF would welcome their insights and alarum bells and respond to them timeously and appropriately, and, over time, hope they become less strident and less urgent because the DDF are dealing effectively with their concerns.

Look at DDF policies and tell us what we are missing.  We are willing partners with all  and are willing to take directions from all, to make South Africa a better place for all, not just a better place for the privileged few. 

 The buck stops at the ballot box.

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