Disgraceful Garnishee Industry

The report Ghastly garnishee abuse exposed in the M & G on-line, reveals a national horror story – freely available credit for life at interest rates that cannot possibly be serviced with debts that can never be repaid, often fictitious debts at that.

The Direct Democracy Forum do not have a specific policy for the control of the garnishee industry but in the FAQ page we address some of those concerns in our response to the question “SECURITISATION AND DERIVATIVE TRADING: Where does the DDF stand on these practices?“.  

We moot the adoption of principles such as the “do no harm” principle (expressed variously but including “do anything you want but do not harm the life, limb or property of another without risking legal and social consequences” )  and the Quid Pro Quo principle of Roman Dutch law, which law is historically a root of South African law,  be applied to all laws and contracts.

We would argue that we should take whatever is good from the past and combine it with whatever is good and innovation for the future, with equal vigour, and that we should not be hind-bound by our history nor by our ideologies.

The DDF believe that applying those two principles to our laws and our contracts will effectively counter unscrupulous and predatory behaviour, without burdening society with excessive layers of new and detailed law.  There are those who will argue that this approach is simplistic to a fault, to which the DDF will counter that as one of the goals of the DDF is to make life in South Africa as simple as possible, applying these principles is an effective way of advancing that goal and the pursuit of justice.  The DDF are quite comfortable with both those positions.

The buck stops at the ballot box

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