New Deal Needed for S A’s Ailing Economy

The outlook for South Africa is not very cheerful.  South Africa was the power house of Africa and a leading economy in the world.  Granted that was built on the backs of cheap migrant labour and seemingly boundless natural resources and an archaic and disgraceful system of economic and political suppression, all unsustainable even in the short term – well – the system and cheap migrant labour are history and our resources are not limitless and need to be used wisely.

The Direct Democracy Forum are determined that through the application of  DDF policies, South Africa’s future will be firmly anchored in an economy based on clever use of an empowered, skilled and intelligent labour force, who are using their intellectual and skills capacities profitably and constructively.  Lots of big words but what it boils down to is empowering everyone in South Africa through education and skills acquisition, opportunity creation and the productive employment of those skills in the economy, for the benefit of all who engage in those activities.

The DDF believe that South Africa has the capacity to be a world leader and to stabilise and develop its economy and that everyone can share in the wealth of South Africa, with pride. South African’s need not be second class citizens but can take their place in the world along with the best, because we are the best.  We just need to prove it to ourselves and to the world.  We can do that and the DDF are determined to make that happen.

The buck stops at the ballot box.

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