Would you want this for your children?

Some stories are just heart breaking.  Read this story about the Moshesh Senior Secondary School near Matatiele in the Eastern Cape and ask yourselves if you would want that experience for you or your children and even, how could such an appalling state of affairs be allowed to occur let alone persist?

The Direct Democracy Forum view this sort of circumstance as absolutely unacceptable. View DDF education policies to see what we would do about education.

It is amazing that in one country we can have two education systems that are so disparate.  One works, even in the rural areas, the other system barely works anywhere.  Something has to change and the best change that can possibly happen to the South African education system is for voters to resoundingly defeat the incumbent government in the 2014 elections.  The DDF obviously believe they are the logical choice as a replacement administration because not only do they have the resolve and the policies they also have the means to bring about meaningful change.  But whatever your support for change is, express it in 2014.

The buck stops at the ballot box

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