Road Accident Prevention

In Passing The Buck we lamented the lack of on-the-road rule of the road enforcement. Our comments had nothing to do with this analysis but it is really interesting that a number of prominent persons in the transport sector are saying the same things we are saying.

 What is lacking is enforcement, enforcement and more enforcement, and it starts with the small stuff, the small infringements, and drivers need to be made aware that a licence to drive a vehicle on a public road is not a right but a privilege, that can be denied if it is abused.  We need to do a lot more than we are doing to prevent the more than a thousand deaths on our roads each month at a cost to the nation of some R160 billion rand a year.

 We don’t need more official prevarication, more denialism, more toll roads, we just need sensible traffic measures applied universally and consistently throughout our land.

The Direct Democracy Forum‘s Transport policies will go a long way to addressing those needs.

The buck stops at the ballot box

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