Self Congratulatory Education Issue Dodging

Government lauded their achievements in education by lowering standards yet not lowering them enough to even scratch the surface of satisfactory statistics.  Really – 26% matriculation exemptions for the class of 2012, which in reality translates into a 13% matric exemption rate for the school entrants of 2001, 50% of whom dropped out on the way to grade 12.  It is nothing less than a disgrace.

Here are three M & G reports on various education issues:

  • Celebrating Failure deals with the 2012 results and the issue of what a poor education means to the economy and society at large.
  • Matrics want universities deals with another failure, the failure to provide adequate tertiary education facilities even for that poor misled 13%
  • A Slap in the Face for School Norms documents government making a mockery of the efforts of Section27 and Equal Education (two activist bodies) who took the education ministry to court over various issues, and indeed a slap in the face for the courts who ruled in the favour of the activists on these issues.

What does all this illustrate?  In our opinion the following is obvious:

  • Government is not serious about education
  • Government has scant respect for civil society
  • Government has scant regard for the courts

One would be forgiven for wondering if what government does to educate the majority of our population is nothing better than lip-service, going through the motions of satisfying the need for education, while in reality, denying those masses their constitutional right to be educated, either through government incompetence or as part of a deliberate strategy intended to divest themselves of the reality of their constitutional obligations.

For those of you who are not aware of it, our constitution states in section 29 in CHAPTER 2  the BILL OF RIGHTS that :

  • (1) Everyone has the right- 
    • (a) to a basic education, including adult basic education; and
    • (b) to further education, which the state, through reasonable measures, 
      must make progressively available and accessible.

It is the DDF’s firm belief that, for whatever reason, government is failing in their constitutional duties and they are in denial about this failure.

The Direct Democracy Forum undertake to engage with every educator in the country to resolve these issues and to fulfill government’s constitutional obligation to the students of South Africa.  We will have the means through adequately controlling existing education budgets so as to deliver quality to every school room in the land, and if those budgets are not enough, which is unlikely because as a % of our GDP, we spend more on education than almost any other country in Africa, but if those budgets are not enough, we will have enough through accessing TEAL to double those budgets, if necessary.

We are at a loss for words to adequately describe our response to what post ’94 governments have done to the education system and to the student body.  But through use of DDF education policies, we will fix it, whatever the cost.  Education will be one of our most important priorities.

 The buck stops at the ballot box

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