E-tolling Protests Subversive???

In an e-mail headed “Integrity of courts threatened by e-toll civil disobedience threats” TimesLIVE is quoted as reporting on Advocate Mahlodi Sam Muofhe’s opinion that protests against e-tolling is “tantamount to urging citizens to make our democracy ungovernable. A call by anyone to disregard a valid legal court order should be a cause for concern”.  The email comes from the Johan Joubert Community, a South African advocacy group.

So far as we know the court ruled that OUTA’s claims against e-tolling were without merit, not that drivers should be obliged to support or otherwise use a system they find unacceptable.  It is our democratic right to protest against what we feel is unacceptable and un-democratic behaviour by our elected leaders.  Perhaps  Advocate Muofhe should go back to law school or take more informed instructions from his masters.  

We are not obliged to like nor support what government do and, in fact, the Direct Democracy Forum‘s intention is, through use of DDF policies, to ensure that many of the decisions and acts of past governments will not be repeated nor be implementable in the future.  Our purpose is to empower ordinary citizens to say no to the unacceptable.

The buck stops at the ballot box

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