Shut Up Yo Mouf Man

First National Bank embarked on a campaign probably intended to raise their profile as a concerned corporate citizen.  In series of internet based videos they went to the youth and allowed them to voice their angst about SA’s political and socio-economic problems.

Amazement.  The ANC responded with accusations of treason and treachery.  This is not unlike Advocate Mahlodi Sam Muofhe’s opinion that e-tolling protest was tantamount to subversion and an attack on SA’s democratically elected government (also a theme of the ANC’s in this spat). 

FNB’s response to these accusations was to fold the campaign.

The short version of all this is that civil and civic society seem to no longer have the right to express any contrary views or criticisms about government’s failures for fear of being called treasonous.  How far are we from having those accusations manifest themselves in more serious action every time someone criticizes government? That is what Advocate Muofhe and South Africa should be worried about.

The very, very short version of this is “Shut up yo mouf man!

By way of contrast, a Direct Democracy Forum administration would welcome the work of the media and other social commentators as a means of drawing the DDF‘s attention to matters that need it’s attention.  The DDF would function in partnership with civil society in the belief that every failure requires the attention of society in general and government in particular and nothing should be swept under the carpet.

Check out DDF policies and in particular DDF policies on communications and local government and service delivery.  All DDF policies are aimed at engaging all of society in fixing the ills of our country.  

The buck stops at the ballot box.

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