No Spoilt Votes

It’s very frustrating when a senior member of the political establishment urges disaffected ANC supporters to spoil their votes.  The message appears to be a mixed one.  If you are unhappy with the ANC, vote in the opposition or, if you don’t fancy any opposition party, go to the polls and spoil your vote.  What a waste that last option is.

Ronnie Kasrils must be grandstanding in the hope that some sense of concern is conveyed to the ANC over their poor and sometimes dishonest dealings with South Africans because if he really wanted to send a message to the ANC stalwarts he would be urging them to vote for the opposition, because that is the only action the ANC establishment will understand.

We have said this before – every vote for the opposition is another vote the ANC need to get in order to stay in power.  Spoiling your vote is one less vote the ANC need to get in order to stay in power.  By spoiling your vote you are actually helping the ANC to stay in power.  Is that what you really want to do?  

The Direct Democracy Forum urge everyone who is unhappy with the ANC to vote the opposition into power.

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