Silent for two years. But we are back.

We haven’t blogged for almost two years. And why was that?

First it was a period running up to municipal elections and we (the DDF) had neither the money nor the feet on the ground with which to do anything about it, and neither did we wish to muddy the waters for those engaged in the local government elections.

A second and very strong factor was that we were pretty well disgusted at the way parliament was being run and while there were plenty of issues we could have responded to they were all too distant from the 2019 elections, which was and still is our goal. In short, we didn’t want to be seen as a party which can only snipe from the sidelines but cannot do anything else.

But times are a-changing. The 2019 elections are closer than we imagine and we wish to have an impact on those elections, so we are embarking on a membership, information and fund raising drive which, taken together, we hope will enable us to make that impact.

Our goals, as we see them, are to enter parliament with sufficient majority so we can apply our policies and empower those with feet on the ground to do their jobs at local government level, and to empower their constituencies so they, the constituents, can hold local government accountable for non performance, there and then, rather than only at the next elections., and to inform the electorate of our policies so they can understand that there are alternatives to the same-old same-old of South African politics, and perhaps have that electorate influence their parties of choice to consider adopting some or all of our policies.  Our primary goal is that South Africans have more and better choices in the future than in the past and we don’t really mind how that is achieved. 

There is much more to our policies than just empowering local government and local communities. Central to DDF policies are the establishment of a  Senate, the replacement over time of the current tax systems with TEAL (Total Economic Activity Levy), implementing a BIG (Basic Income Grant) and establishing a Sovereign Wealth Fund, all policies which can only be applied through parliament and by amending the constitution.

The DDF believe these policies will have a profoundly positive and enduring effect upon South Africa’s democracy and on its economy.

Our Current Affairs page will be used to inform South African’s of all our policies by contrasting them with, well, current affairs, and to inform South African voters of the choices the DDF will be presenting them with in 2019.

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