Elections 2019

Elections 2019

The DDF need R605 000 deposit to contest every parliamentary and provincial seat in the 2019 elections and we do not have that money. The party would also need a war chest of about R10 000 000 for each month of campaigning. So, realistically, just to successfully run a six month campaign we would need R60 000 000 (Sixty Million Rand). Our estimate. And we do not have that sort of money either.

The DDF are a national party and are unwilling to contest a seat here and a seat there (if that is even possible) and to sit in parliament as a minor minority party in a parliament dominated by the ANC and / or the DA, and be just another party feeding at the political trough, so the DDF are deferring our contest for parliamentary seats to a future election when the DDF can meet the deposit requirements to contest all seats, nationally and provincially, and have the funds to mount a credible campaign. This we hope to do in the 2024 elections.

The reasoning behind this is that the DDF cannot hope change the course of South African politics as an opposition party but can only implement our policies by changing the constitution. In its shortest form, the DDF do not wish to join a system the DDF believe to be ineffective and undemocratic, rather the DDF wish to change the system to one that is effective and democratic. In order to do that we need the support of at least 76% of parliament and probably the same support in each provincial house. If we cannot do that the DDF would rather spend our time and energy building support and resources to the point where the DDF can mount a credible challenge to achieve those goals in national elections.

How can we find those funds?

The DDF constitution prohibits funding by corporates so the DDF have to turn to the people of South Africa for that level of support. When we started the party we set as our goal the support of one million South Africans each donating R10 a month. That would provide R10 000 000 (Ten Million Rand) a month and provide enough to to pay meaningful operating expenses and build that R60M campaign war chest for 2024.

The DDF are not begging. As with everything in life, you get what you pay for. If you want what the DDF is offering, you need to be prepared to pay for it, and R10 a month is hardly a financial burden to the average income earner in South Africa.

Of course, if you do not want what the DDF is offering, nothing more need be said.

But; in spite of that, the DDF will be there for you when you need them. Just don’t leave it too late for the 2024 elections. Life and success is all about choices and can be really tough, but don’t let it get you down. Make the right choices today and support the DDF for tomorrow.

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