Democracy versus Autocracy

I had an epiphany regarding the US elections (in process 03/11/20):

Democracies may elect a really nasty piece of work as a president but so long as democracy remains in place you can always fire him, and if he has done some really bad things, you can then undo them.

If autocracy displaces democracy, the odds are you will end up with a really nasty piece of work as the head of your government, without ever having the chance to fire him (or her) short of a bloody revolution.

This is why Winston Churchill said of democracy that even if it is imperfect (which it is), it is the best we have. This is also why the Direct Democracy Forum (DDF) are anti globalisation and anti the proposed New World Order and anti the proposed World Government and the machinations of big pharma. the WHO and the UN and the world’s oligarchs, particularly but not limited to messrs Bezos, Zuckerberg and Gates, and pro National Sovereignty and Democracy and putting politicians and leaders and probably oligarchs as well, on a short leash. As the saying goes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So, a short leash everyone. A short leash.

How do we do this? DDF policies, particularly on Electoral Reform, a Senate, a UBI, Tax Reform (TEAL), a Sovereign Wealth Fund and Money and Banking Reform, are all designed and intended to limit the power of elected and appointed officials in public life and to uplift and empower the ordinary citizens of the world.

To be clear, these policies and their application are pro capitalist. The intention is to give everyone in society a stake and mobility in the capitalist system and at the same time to bolster that system. To explain: If 35 million South African citizens each received R5000 per month UBI, that would represent a R175 Billion injection into the demand side of the economy, each and every month. Assuming that the supply side kept pace with the demand side (thus avoiding the spectre of inflation), imagine what that would do for the economy? Very pro capitalist, pro private ownership of capital, pro private ownership of the means of production and pro unrestricted access to the market place.

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