2022 DDF New Year’s Message

Colours To The Mast

To all who read this, all the best for 2022. Let us hope that 2022 is an improvement on ‘20 and ‘21.

The Direct Democracy Forum (DDF) is, or maybe was, a registered political party in SA. I would not be surprised if it has been de-registered because the DDF has not been able to fulfil the administrative requirements mandated by Parliament. If de-registration has happened, this will not stop the DDF functioning as it always has, until it is able to meet those requirements, so as to challenge the political establishment at the 2024 elections, where we intend to take 76% of parliament directly or by coalition. This is not up to us in the DDF, but is up to the men and women in the street. If you want what we have to offer, you need to support us by personal, logistical or financial commitment. If you don’t do that, you will not get what we have to offer. It is as simple as that.

The CABAL, in the most simple terms, and without naming names, is a society, probably a Secret Society, of some 3000 or so very wealthy individuals, who periodically frequent the annual Davos gatherings, ostensibly to plan a better future for mankind,

DDF Message is simple:

All government is intrinsically evil.

The bigger the government, the greater the evil.

The CABAL are trying to establish a New World Order and a single world government.

This must be stopped at all costs.

In their wisdom, Klaus Schwab and his CABAL acolytes have determined that the 7 or 8 billion human population is excessive and should be trimmed to about 500 Million (1/2 of a billion), and they are using the so called COVID 19 pandemic and the so called vaccination or vax, and a variety of drugs to medicate the public and Covid 19 patients, drugs such as, but not limited to Remdesivir (causes acute renal failure, 53.1% of participants in a trial receiving Remdesivir died) and Midazolam (an ‘end of life’ drug), and of course, the vaxes and ventilation (forced overdosing of oxygen). This is a generally acknowledged protocol discussed in this video clip, “Dr Bryan Ardis on Remdesivir” on the Telegram group, “Truth Not Lies”, if you can access it, and or view this, if you can, and or research Bryan Ardis for yourselves. If you have any doubts about the effect of the vax on the vaxed, view a Nurse’s vax experience, here.

How is this related to evil government and government overreach? Well, governments of the world, including the US federal government, mandated Remdesivir as a required drug for Covid 19 treatment along with forced ventilation and also did their best to make common drugs such as aspirin and ivermectin difficult or impossible to source. These normally effective drugs for the treatment of Covid 19 and any other flu-like ailment were denied to those most in need. Instead, patients were treated with Remdesivir and ‘ventilated’. A large portion of these patients died. Those who were administered Midazolam, of course, also died. The deaths were blamed on Covid 19 in all its variants. If that is not pure evil, then I don’t know what is. The role of Main Stream Media (MSM) in perpetuating the CABAL’s and NWO’s narration makes them, the MSM, an agent of the CABAL and the NWO, and fully culpable for crimes of propaganda, terrorism and such like, and complicit in the resulting deaths and disablements. Not surprisingly, the CABAL own the MSM.

And, of course, that is not the only example of government overreach. In fact, all the mandates in response to the so called Covid 19 pandemic were also examples of government overreach, including, but not limited to;

1) the forced or coerced so called vaxes (conspiracy to murder and or inflict grievous bodily and/or mental harm, administered in conflict with the Nuremberg Codes of 1945 because the vaxes are experimental and, rather than prevent COVID 19, attack the immune system of the vaxed, rendering their immune systems bodily destructive rather than bodily protective, (see nurses testimony here).

2) the lockdowns are self imprisonment and conspire to inflict mental illness,

3) social distancing limits freedom of association and conspires to inflict mental illness,

4) limits on gatherings limit freedom of association and conspires to inflict mental illness,

5) wearing of face masks de-personifies the wearers with intention to do grievous bodily harm by forcing them to breath in their own bodily waste, deprives them of fresh air and the oxygen needed for healthy bodily functions, is self imprisonment, conspires to inflict mental illness and is an acknowledgement of slave and or prisoner status. Pharaonic slaves and other prisoners throughout history were forced to wear masks. This is nothing new.

All these measures are supposed to protect one from transmission of viruses but are ineffective against COVID and are examples of government overreach intended to make populations terrified, submissive and obedient to governments and New World Order lackeys.

Then there is the question of do viruses exist and can they spread disease? In his book The Age of Deception, Jeff Green asserts that viruses do not exist as living entities and therefore cannot be contagious. His presentation Viral Misconceptions discusses the matter further. Others make similar assertions in relation to the ability of PCR testing to identify Covid 19 viruses, which they assert it cannot do and PCR tests are just another medical fraud.

Covid mandates have been imposed by nearly all the governments of all the nations of the world, including Rams’ SA Government. It is generally agreed by all non MSM media and independent commentators that the mandates amount to crimes against humanity. Groups of attorneys and medical and research professionals around the world are laying charges of genocide and crimes against humanity & etc against the WHO, the UN and sundry assorted lackey NWO institutions and individuals. Research the New Nuremberg Trials and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich for updates on his initiative.

These mandates are all examples of government overreach, and it is quite evident that all the participating governments (that is, nearly all the governments of the world) are reading from the same play-book, one prepared by the CABAL and presented by Schwab and the World Economic Forum.

Successive governments and generations of the CABAL have walked this path before. Notably with the Spanish Flu (1916), Ebola (1976), AIDS (1981) and multiple wars, including the Great War (WW1) 1918, and the Second World War 1939, both of which were funded, on both sides, by the CABAL. All these events are just part of a litany of ongoing attacks on humanity.

Going a step further, however, there is a great deal of speculation about the possibility of 5G technology being weaponised. If this seems a stretch, consider what would happen if you tried to dry off your cat in a microwave oven. If 5G frequency and intensity are variable and controlable, one day you may be the cat of choice. Wouldn’t the Cabal and the NWO one world government and its puppets love to have such technology in their arsenal? This may be a very real possibility. Such technology needs stringent controls, and weaponisation should be absolutely ‘verboten’.

To those of you who have not yet figured this out, all our governments are not governments of the people, for the people, by the people, but rather are puppet governments of the CABAL, the New World Order and Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. Allied and associated bodies such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the World Health Organisation, the US Federal Reserve Bank (the FED), the US Federal Department of Health, the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, to name but a few and to which bodies the world turn to for guidance in related matters, are none of them government institutions, but rather are private bodies, funded by private money, the money of the CABAL and or CABAL puppets, which pose as national or multi national pseudo-government agencies to lend themselves unearned and undeserved credibility on the world’s stages, as agents of world peace and prosperity. Instead they are agents of the New World Order.

The point of this is, if you give a bunch of arrogant supremacists a bit of authority, they will take you to the slaughterhouse as if you were just another head of cattle in a herd they wish to cull. If you don’t believe this, think about what is happening in the world and provide an alternative explanation. I would be happy to hear it and more than happy to support my understanding of the situation in public debate.

So what? How is that new? All governments of all ages indulge in government, legislative and bureaucratic overreach?

The last statement is largely true. What makes this different from previous waves of overreach is that the men and women of the world are aware of the overreach and the whys the wherefores and the hows, and of the puppet status of these governments, which serve the globalists of the New World Order and Klaus Schwab, who in turn is a puppet of the CABAL, and they, the people, are sharing that awareness with one another, throughout the world.

The CABAL think they can do no wrong and that it is cool and OK to commit genocide in the interests of culling the world’s human population, because, in their opinion, the world is over populated, At least, that is their alleged motivation. In short, whatever their reasons may be, they are guilty of Hubris, which, in my opinion, when and if acted out in the manner of the New World Order, should be a capital offence, punishable by death.

Corruption of the world’s economic systems:

One must understand that the world economy is based on general poverty, with a very few (the 3000 of the CABAL) harvesting their wealth from the other 8 billion or so of the population (us), by use of the banking and tax systems. In a nutshell, the CABAL lend vast sums of money to governments, which the governments largely do not need, and which the CABAL create from nothing, and at no cost to themselves, and expect governments to repay, not the moneys advanced, so much as the interest on the loans. One of the biggest items on any government’s accounts are the service charges on the National Debt. The tax payers of every nation pay the taxes that pay the service charges on the National Debts. In this manner the CABAL (the rich) get richer and the poor (us) get poorer. But the debts and the service charges are getting too large for economies to support, creating bankrupt and collapsing nations, thus justifying the need for a different economic system. Of course there is need for a different economic system, just not the Great Reset proposed by the NWO, but rather shift to a system of general economic prosperity, as proposed by the DDF. To see a more detailed account of how the world reached this point over the past few centuries, read my paper, “Democracy at Risk”, available here.

The effect of national bankruptcy is that the CABAL can then purchase the national assets or take them over for a pittance. If you have any doubts about this, consider what has happened to ESKOM, one of the largest and most successful national power providers in the world, now a national tragedy, or as another example, to the SA National Carrier, South African Airways, no longer a functioning national carrier.

Solutions and Responses:

So what can we do about this? What does the Direct Democracy Forum (DDF) propose?

The DDF is a political party (see above) which advocates Direct Democracy 24 hours a day, 365 days of each and every year, in contrast to the intermittent indirect democracy of the so-called democratic systems of the world, where elections occur once every 4 or 5 years and are probably rigged wherever and whenever possible. When voters go to the polls to elect new representative governments, these governments assume carte blanch to do what they will during the following 4 or 5 years, notably to raise useless loans at no cost to the lenders, never to be repaid, but at cost to the taxpayers in the form of interest on the loans.

The DDF achieves direct democracy with a combination of electoral and legislative devices.

First: The ELECTORATE ELECT INDIVIDUALS THEY KNOW, not political parties, to parliament and other legislative bodies. The electorate can choose not to elect any of the proposed candidates in a given constituency, in which event their votes count as negative votes for any legislation proposed in the interim. There may be further rounds of elections but this cycle of rejecting candidates could go on indefinitely until the candidates get it right, and may well result in hung elected bodies, incapable of fulfilling any useful function. But this would be expressing the will of the people. Further, if an elected candidate does not fulfil his or her electoral promises, the candidates can be recalled and face by-elections, this at the behest of their constituents (see Electoral Reform here)

Second: Parliament, in addition to any other legislative assemblies and their proposed legislation, and the elected government and their propose regulations, WOULD BE SUBJECT TO THE APPROVAL OF A SENATE, drawn from the streets, by a process called SORTITION (or lottery) from voluntary candidates, identified by peer groups.

The peer groups are groups of your peers, by age, wealth, education, occupation, religious conviction, cultural affiliation, gender, and any other significant identifier in your society. For example, the peer groups for age might range from the youth (say 13 to 19 years) to senior adults (say 80 years and over), and so on. Similar distinctions would be made for all the other peer groups. I am sure you get the picture, but if not, please refer to the DDF website page dealing with The Senate. The Senate votes on all legislation and regulation coming out of the legislative bodies and government.

ALL ASSEMBLIES REPORT TO THE SENATE, to the People of the Senate. The threshold for approval is very high indeed (say 80%). (See Senate here).

Third: Any peer group can APPLY A VETO of any given regulation or legislation that discriminates against their group or is considered bad regulation or legislation. In that way, regulation and legislation must please the many and may not offend the few. (See Senate here)

Fourth: If such regulation or legislation were rejected three times, the legislature or government or the Senate itself can apply to the constitutional court for such to be put to the people in GENERAL REFERENDUM, where the same levels of approval and peer group veto will apply. (see Senate and Electoral reform, here)

Fifth: HALF OF THE SENATE (viz 50% of the longest serving members of each peer group) ARE REPLACED EVERY YEAR. The Senate membership is completely replaced every two years. The Senate then, is a representative body of all the people, not of a privileged few. (See Senate here)

In this way you have a functional system of direct democracy participating at all times in the legislative and regulatory processes of a country.

This observes Aristotle’s assertion that government should be by the few with the approval of the many.

But DDF policies do not end there, they further propose:

A SOVEREIGN WEALTH FUND, (SWF) owned equally by every Adult Citizen, which invests in the Local, National and Global economies, FOR GAIN. It is intended that, in time, the SWF profits will fund the UBI.

A UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME GRANT, (UBI): The DDF suggest a R5000 (say $300 US) per month UBI for every Adult Citizen.

A once-off ADVANCEMENT GRANT for every Adult Citizen to be spent on whatever they believe will advance their lives. The DDF suggest an amount equivalent to the cost of a professional university degree,

MONEY AND BANKING REFORM intended to serve the many as well as the few, and

A TOTAL ECONOMIC ACTIVITY LEVY, (TEAL), as a single levy to replace the myriad taxes that the CABAL impose on the population. TEAL is, in effect, an ECONOMIC RENT where every taxpayer (including members of the CABAL) pay the same proportion of their economic activity. A TEAL of 2.5% of all banking transactions in SA will fund the fiscus and the UBI and the AG. It is intended that while TEAL initially funds the UBI and AG, these will in time be funded by the profits of the SWF.


1) engage every Adult and Pre-Adult Citizen in the Democratic and Economic Processes of the land,

2) strictly limit the ability of politicians, governments and bureaucrats to indulge in overreach,

3) create a government and bureaucracy of minimal footprint in society

4) create a capitalist economy and society based on general prosperity rather than general poverty and

5) establish governments of the people, for the people, by the people.

If we the people can find a way to install such a system, or similar, in 2022, then the year will indeed be better than 2020, 2021 or all the years before them put together.

I think this nails Direct Democracy Forum colours to the mast, and I hope every opponent of the New World Order nails their colours to their masts, with conviction and determination to bring about change in 2022.

May whatever power you believe in be with you for this new year.

John Barrington,


Direct Democracy Forum,

January 10th, 2022.


PDF version available here.

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