The DDF strongly urge all those who would like to see DDF policies represented in local government, to support and vote for the Civic Movement of South Africa (CMOSA), wherever they stand in the upcoming 2021 municipal elections

CMOSA is a registered South African political party

The DDF and CMOSA have entered into an agreement.

CMOSA share many of the values of the DDF, including the need for separation of power of local government from national government, the election of community members to local government and a host of other principles of representation at local and national levels.

The agreement is simple: CMOSA as represented by community members will stand for local (municipal) government elections and be supported in their campaigns by the DDF, who will campaign for CMOSA in municipal elections, and the DDF will stand for national and provincial elections and be supported by CMOSA, who will campaign for DDF.in national and provincial elections.

Included in the agreement is the sharing of basic policies. Thus, to the extent that policies are in agreement with one another, DDF policies (see here and here) are largely adopted by CMOSA and CMOSA policies are largely adopted by DDF.

This is about accountability in office.

While policies are shared, authority and leadership in and out of office are not shared, and to the extent that DDF occupy national and provincial office and CMOSA occupy municipal office, DDF will hold CMOSA to account for CMOSA’s actions and performance in office and CMOSA will hold DDF to account for DDF’s actions and performance while in office.

Our message is simple: VOTE FOR CMOSA in the 2021 municipal elections