South Africa has had many heroes and heroines.  We wish to pay tribute to some of those who seem most relevant to our own struggles for justice.  We don’t claim their endorsements.  They just inspire us.


 Helen Suzman  (1/11/17 – 1/1/2009)   

was a lone liberal voice in SA’s apartheid era parliament.  When asked why she fought for black people she rounded on her questioner and retorted that she had not fought for black people but had fought for justice.



Bishop Desmond Tutu (b 1931)  

We all know Bishop Tutu.  Probably he should have been President of SA.  We think he would have brought about the justice long sought by Helen Suzman.  See also Tutu, Blaire and Bush.



Advocate Thuli Madonsela (b 1962)  

SA’s public protector since 2009, her fearless advocacy for justice and her habit  of telling the truth to the powerful certainly got our admiration.