Background and discussions:

Agriculture is probably at a cross-roads in South Africa.


It is in danger of being or it is already, constrained by underutilisation of redistributed land or by the failure of redistribution measures.  Previously productive land now lies fallow through lack of expertise or motivation on the one hand, or from lack of investment and motivation on the other hand (who will invest in development of or production on lands, the future of which is in doubt?) and is threatened by the very real danger of future inadequate water resources.

Crop and Employment Potential:

One study optimistically believes that over 500000 hectares  (1900 sq kilometers)  of land can be brought into production  creating some 900000 direct and indirect jobs, through implementation of extensive developmental strategies, but does not account for the very severe pressures building on our water resources.

Coordinating Development::

One of the priorities of the DDF would be to put in place the required strategies needed to develop our agricultural sector and in tandem attempt to address the water needs of those strategies.  In short, the DDF will insist hydrologists and agriculturalists consult with one another rather than just with themselves, about what is and is not possible. Whatever the realities are, we need to know them, understand them and be able to respond to them.