PDF: Animal Welfare


The Direct Democracy Forum (the DDF) believe that society is judged to a great extent by the ways it cares for its animals.


  • A big problem for animal welfare is overpopulation.  A DDF administration would resource large scale and ongoing sterilization programs for all feral or unwanted animals.  This would be a permanent program intended to continue until there is some parity between the animal population and its caregivers.
  • Caring for animals. Neglect for animals is a major issue.   A DDF administration would resource animal health care organizations throughout SA to encourage community education, community care and as a last resort, community policing to identify  animal neglect or abuse.  
  • Criminal neglect:  Welfare organizations would have the power to initiate SPCA and SAPS investigations and prosecution of persons engaged in willful neglect or abuse of animals.  A DDF administration would encourage stiff penalties for those guilty of neglect, abuse or cruelty.  The SAPS and NPA would be required to support the SPCA in this respect.
  • Funding:  Adequate funding will be provided to promote proper animal care by animal welfare organisations.
  • Legislation:  A DDF administration would support the animal care profession’s attempts to reform or replace existing statutes so one comprehensive and relevant statute exists for the care of animals.  The SA Veterinary Foundation has a paper on animal care legislation published here.  The DDF will be guided by this and any other serious attempts by animal care professionals and bodies to add to the practice of animal care.