Art and Culture are the means a society and it’s population breath, flex their wings, their imagination and their intellects.  Arts and culture are the wellspring of great thought and great achievement.


  • The DDF will create an ethos of indulging in art and culture, from pre-school through to tertiary  institutes, so those who have the gift and inclination to pursue the arts, as a hobby or as a career, will have the opportunity to develop their arts and crafts to the limits of their ability and inclination and in turn, pass those skills on to their followers.
  • The DDF will invest in all forms of art so as to raise the levels of presentation to those the equal of any in the world.

Ripple effects:

  • South Africa does not need to be just a tourist destination where you can view the big five and share the beauty of our nature reserves and beaches and enjoy our temperate weather.
  • SA can package those unique African experiences with cultural experiences, art, theater, concerts, classic and popular, in both African and ‘classical’ genres, equal to the best in the world.  
  • As a tourist and employment strategy there is probably little to beat it.

Looking forward to a time when this may be accomplished without risk, South Africa could be a launching pad for an African experience that could benefit the entire region, a series of private sector ventures that could create a great deal of employment and wealth for South African and other African artists and tourist operators.