Objectives and Strategies:


The Direct Democracy Forum (the DDF) wish to see a different calibre of president occupy the highest seat of power in South Africa’s government.  In short, we are looking for the iconic technocrat, someone who will administer the affairs of the land as efficiently and effectively as is possible, all within the laws adopted by parliament and the principles of the constitution adopted by the people, which president appoints a cabinet of similarly competent administrators to aid in this objective.

This the DDF  will achieve by having the country directly elect its presidents with elections overlapping the term of office of the Legislative Assembly, and to some extent divorcing presidential elections from party politics and turn the presidency and cabinet into professional administrators rather than professional politicians.  In short, we want our presidents elected by popular vote considering the merits of the candidates, not elected by the winning political party based on party ideologies.


  • A directly elected President
  • Four year term of office, overlapping the term of office of the Legislative Assembly.
  • Two term limit in office (note: not consecutive terms but an absolute two term limit)
    • The limit would prevent a two term president occupying the presidency, vice presidency or prime minister’s post or any similar executive post or any cabinet position without portfolio. 
  • Appointment of Cabinet officers by the President but subject to approval by the Legislative Assembly and The Senate.
  • Elected presidents must resign from party political membership and all party political positions and not involve themselves in party political affairs from the day of their assuming office and for the duration of their occupying the presidency.
  • A clear pathway to impeachment by an act of parliament and/or a recall vote.


The DDF believe that by distancing the presidency from party-political affairs the country will have a far more professional administrator as head of government and a far more professional administration in control of the country’s affairs, and that this will benefit the country immeasurable.