The Direct Democracy Forum believe the surest way to reduce the costs of detecting, convicting and imprisoning criminals, is to reduce the level of crime and the number of potential criminals in our society, and the surest way of doing that is to educate, skill and employ our population   Many of these issues have been addressed in our policies on education and training, housing, job creation, social welfare and defense and military.

In addition to the above, the DDF will

  • educate, employ and skill as many of those in society who are at risk of falling into criminality.
  • do everything in its power to keep offenders, particularly first-time offenders, out of prison.  To do this it will;
    • increase the support services given to youthful offenders.
    • increase the level of policing of criminal elements who attract the youth into criminal activities.
    • increase levels of social services to youths who are at risk.
    • focus on education and training of young offenders and pass down public service sentences and judicial supervision in attempts to draw them back into society.
  • For those who insist on living outside of the law, the DDF will do its best to provide a meaningful environment for punishment and rehabilitation by  raising the educational qualifications of every employee in the prison services so that the prison services are staffed with well educated and well trained professionals.  


The DDF believe that by adopting programs to address the root causes of criminality it can hugely reduce the pressure on all of society and particularly those directly engaged in dealing with criminals and criminality and can then focus its attention on those who engage in criminality from choice rather than from need, and be able to do this more effectively at a much lesser cost than is presently the case.