The Direct Democracy Forum (DDF) will be looking for ways of curbing the sorts of practices that create these cycles of boom and bust and instead focus on practices that permit real growth in the economy based on promoting education and training, and trade and industry and using all the other policies within its influence, both internally and externally, to balance the needs for employment and wealth creation and wealth stability, and empower the populace through use of those policies and through creating a stable economy which the country and all its people can rely on and invest in, with confidence. 

A critical part of these strategies will be to ensure that the banking industry exists to serve the economy and everyone in it and to facilitate the growth and stability of the economy.  


The DDF are not seeking to create a super economy that is full of brashness and irresponsibility and flashy displays of wealth.  Instead the DDF want a return to a stable and modest economy that the people can bank on for their future.